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Late last week, we mailed out the very first packages of the Pairings Yarn Club. It was a family affair: the kids helped me tape labels and pack envelopes, and even Mr. Black Bunny assisted with packing. (He wanted to put a slip of paper inside the envelopes that said “Lovingly packed by Tom” but I told him that would seem too much like underwear.)


Delivery to the members began Monday and it’s been so much fun to hear from the club members as they open them up!

In case you’re curious, the first shipment of the club is titled “Summer Spritzer.” I opted for a wool/silk blend sock yarn, Stella, that I haven’t had in stock in a while. It’s also got some silver sparkles in it, which make it extra fun. Brooke was inspired by the citrus tang and sparkle of a summer wine spritzer, and so I started with a golden shade reminiscent of white wine, then added some citrus colors — orange, lime-green, hints of berry — to spice things up. I like the way the silver sparkles evoke the bubbles that club soda adds to a spritzer!

spritzer 1

Creating exact clones is not my forte when it comes to dyeing, so club members will find subtle differences in the precise shades of their skein, but I think that’s part of the attraction when it comes to a product that is made by hand, in small quantities!

When it comes to pattern, Brooke really outdid herself. She chose a relatively simple mesh-type lace stitch, and let the yarn’s colors do the rest.


This is a pretty easy knit, all in one piece with knit-on ribbing and a ribbon and button closure at the top.


And beautiful Connie (a pal of my oldest kid) looks absolutely breathtaking! We took those photos at nearby Haverford College, which had lots of greenery and flowers for the perfect backdrop.


I’m so excited about the Yarn Club. Working with Brooke is a pleasure and we’re already planning the next couple of shipments. (We’re also thinking about the next edition of the club, which will probably run February through May of 2015 — details will be coming later on this year.)

P.S. Rumor has it there’s a fantastic sale at Loop — 20% off!

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  1. Bridget says:

    You should have let Tom add that slip! ;-)

    The colors are gorgeous, and I really like that pattern – lucky for you that your kids have model-like friends.

  2. melanie says:

    That is beautiful!

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