About Classes

All classes are approximately three hours in length, unless indicated otherwise.
Classes regularly taught include the following. 


Yarn Substitution Made Easy
One of her most popular classes for its accessible approach to yarn categorization, gauge and the process of substituting yarns in commercial patterns. Topics covered include a thorough explanation of gauge; various weights of yarn (fingering to super bulky); the relationship between categories of yarn and needle size, gauge, yardage and plies; fiber and yarn characteristics that affect substitution.


Making Friends with Your Handpaints
Designed for knitters who love hand-painted yarns, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them. This class includes an overview of hand-painted yarn effects, classifying hand-paints based on the color patterning and best options for knitting with each type; pooling, blotching and other unattractive effects, and tips/tricks for working with handpaints in socks and other projects. Other topics: why hand-paints pool, how to deal with pooling, blotching and other unattractive effects, and the effects of gauge and circumference on the appearance of hand-painted yarns.


Self-Stripers: How They Work & How To Use Them
Love the self-striping yarns like Noro and self-patterning ones like Regia & Opal, but not sure how to use them effectively? This class explains how self-striping & self-patterning yarns work, then gives concrete tips for how to work with them effectively. (2.5 hrs)


Secrets of the Schematic
This class, aimed at those new to sweater-knitting, explains the information that is available from a pattern’s schematic, including what the measurements mean, how measurements correspond to fit, ease, shoulder styles, and how to use that information to select better-fitting sweaters. Discusses a number simple adjustments that can be made to customize fit, including modifying body length, sleeve length, waist shaping, and other easy techniques.


Sock Knitter’s Seminar: Basics and Beyond
Basics & Beyond Take your sock knitting to the next level with techniques and tricks including adjusting patterns for fit; tips for working with self-patterning and handpainted yarns; different toe and heel styles; mastering kitchener stitch (grafting); and more. Students are expected to be familiar with the basics of sock knitting and are encouraged to bring questions they may have.


Mitten Mojo: Basics and Beyond
Like Sockknitter’s Seminar, but applied to mittens. Includes the structure of a mitten; different cuff, thumb and top techniques; different types of needles; knitting in the round vs. seaming; overview of folk mittens; tips and techniques for going beyond the basics and making your mittens magnificent. Perfect for the knitter who’d like to make mittens but hasn’t yet, or those who have made basic mittens and would like to learn more.