Knitting Ephemera

Sixth & Spring Books, February 2016

If you love factoids and are fascinated with anecdotes and tidbits about knitting, you’ll love Carol’s latest book. Containing 300 entries, this informative collection covers everything from knitting’s appearances in history, literature, folklore, and pop culture to little-known facts about wool, sheep, and fiber producers. Helpful tips and techniques are included, as well as tidbits on crochet, spinning, and weaving. With illuminating illustrations throughout, Knitting Ephemera will entertain knitters and needlecrafters everywhere.

Lace Yarn Studio Lace Yarn Studio

Lark Crafts, April 2015

Get your laceweight on: in Carol’s new book, Lace Yarn Studio, you’ll find over 24 patterns that call for lace weight yarn — for things other than traditional floral shawls. Laceweight yarn is light, airy, sheer and elegant, and these carefully-curated patterns give you plenty of ways to use it, even if you aren’t a “shawl person.” A cardigan with airy pleats, swingy layering pieces, fingerless gloves, a pillow cover, a beaded skirt — you’ll love the variety and modern feel of these projects. Contributors include Franklin Habit, Fiona Ellis, Véronik Avery, Brooke Nico and more.

Sock Yarn Studio Sock Yarn Studio

Lark Crafts, fall 2012

Knitting socks and knitting with hand-painted yarns are two hot trends. But what are knitters to do with leftover sock yarn? Or when they burn out on knitting socks? Sock Yarn Studio comes to the rescue with a delightful mix of projects — from one-skein hats, mittens, and scarves to multi-skein wraps, sweaters, and more — created with sock yarns. And there’s plenty of helpful advice for selecting yarns and knitting smart with tricky hand-paints and self-patterning yarns.

Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn

Interweave Press, 2009

Providing technical guidance as well as fun, creative patterns, this resource tackles handpainted yarns, identifying the many challenges — and many opportunities — they provide for knitting socks. Focusing on how to make the most of these much-loved yarns, it explains how to design projects with hand-dyed material versus other types of yarns, how to avoid the pitfalls of pooling and splotching, and how to combine multicolored hand paints with other types of yarns. Fresh, modern sock patterns from a variety of contributors illustrate their successful techniques, showing that with creativity and a little technical know-how, knitters can fully take advantage of these beautiful, yet sometimes tricky, yarns.

Knit So Fine Knit So Fine

Interweave Press, 2008

Educating knitters about fine yarns, this information-packed book features more than 20 stylish and contemporary projects to knit with lightweight yarns. Knitters will learn what fine yarns are, the many advantages of knitting with them, plus tips and techniques to make the knitting process even more enjoyable. Perfect for all skill levels, the projects in this guidebook show that garments knitted with thin yarns not only fit more precisely, but are more flattering to the figure and feel better against the skin. They also offer more versatility for fashion elements such as ruching, ruffles, gauzy layers, and drape. Crafters will find stylish and contemporary patterns, including a drapey silk top, a supple zippered cable hoodie, a bamboo skirt with stunning drape, a bohus-inspired pullover, a wrap dress, a ruffled scarf, and much more.