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Hi everyone. I’m James (also known as Elvis). You’ve probably seen me on this blog and watched me grow up over the years.

Ever since I can remember, my mom’s had knitting needles in her hands and yarn between her fingers. Her passion and dedication to her work simply amazes me. Last summer, I started playing around with some yarn for a hat contest sponsored by the yarn company Schachenmayr. I had so much fun that I’ve continued to knit.

One of the hats I knit last summer

One of the hats I knit last summer

Recently an opportunity for me emerged to give back to my community and help those in need, something that I admire in others but had never really explored for myself. A friend of our family does a lot of work with Covenant House, a shelter for homeless teens in Philadelphia. I decided to knit hats for some of the kids at Covenant house. It’s fast and easy and unfortunately there are a lot of kids who could use warm things in order to get through the winter.

My mom says that summer is a good time to knit small things like hats. So I’m going to knit as many as I can over the summer and give them to Covenant House. And that’s where you come in. If I’m going to make any difference in my community, I want to make a big difference, so I’ll need all the help I can get. Just knit a hat that would fit a teenager, using warm, machine-washable fibers. The folks at the shelter said that they would also be happy to take mittens and scarves too. Send them to me or drop them off at Loop in Center City Philadelphia, and I’ll donate them this fall, when the weather starts to get cool at night. Covenant House helps over 5,000 homeless teens each year, so the more hats we have, the more of a difference we’ll make.

I’ll post some updates and let you know how my knitting is going along — and also show you some of the hats that are donated by you.

My mom says that she has the most kind-hearted and generous blog readers ever, so I hope you’ll help me.  Thank you.


A note from Mom:

I’m gathering up those oddball skeins of machine-washable yarn (Plymouth Encore, Rowan Pure Worsted, Schachenmayr Boston are a few excellent choices) and whipping out some caps. They knit up so quickly and are good projects for knitting on car trips.  Keep in mind:

  • machine-washable fibers
  • warmth is good, so wool content is excellent
  • sized for teens, which means 19 to 22 inch circumference
  • these are for kids who live rough, so avoid really light colors like white for the main color of the hat
  • simple, classic styles are best — or check out some of the websites popular for teens, like Abercrombie, American Apparel or Hollister for style ideas
  • a few free pattern ideas:  Hats for Everyone;  Southern Lights or the Slouchy Beanie:
  • knit or crochet, as long as it’s warm!

You can drop off finished caps at Loop in Center City — the nice folks there agreed to collect finished items for us. Or send me a message at cDOTsulcoskiATattDOTNET and I’ll send you my address.

We’ll be collecting caps (and mittens or scarves, too, if you’re up for making them) through the fall. Thanks so much for your help!


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  1. Bridget says:

    Excellent plan. Way to go, James! :-)

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