Over so quickly!

It’s a good thing I had a fabulous weekend at Rhinebeck, because I had no sooner gotten home and put my jammies on than we had our own little ground-floor tsunami. The plumber is here right now trying to figure out how bad it is. So I’m going to ignore the sound of the Wet-Vac and remember the amazing weekend I just had.

It always feels like the Promised Land, when you see that gate before you.


Look how happy Jim is!


This year, we beat the traffic jam and got there early. Before long, the gates opened and voila!


the fairgrounds in a riot of autumnal colors.

Look how happy I am!

IMG_1894 003

The grounds were organized a bit different this year; food vendors were moved out of some of the center walkways (we heard people say that insurance regulations required food to be kept a certain minimum number of feet away from livestock) and I thought it made the fair seem roomier. There were plenty of people there, but except for a few of the bigger barns, it didn’t seem excessively crowded.

We saw old friends

david mel


IMG_1897 006


and met some IRL (as the young kids say) for the first time.

oona marcel

You know the drill:  so many sheep!

good sheep

and although we have a tendency to goggle at how cute they are (or covet the wool on their backs), it’s good to remember that this is a show for breeders, farmers and shepherds, too.


in the ring

It’s also a pleasure to see so many like-minded souls, keeping handcrafts alive, whether weaving,

weaver copy\

or spinning,


or carding wool.  (After seeing the ventriloquist, though, I’m not sure I find all old-time crafts equally compelling.)


I know, you’re ready for photos of woolly goodness:







yarn basket



white alpa

Yes, we saw many beautiful alpacas and llamas too.

alpca bw

It’s a pleasure and sometimes even a thrill to see the beautiful things that people make with their hands, whether spindles,


woven blankets,


an exquisite lace shawl (well-done, prize organizers, for allowing the light to shine through and show us all the detail),

winner shawl

or handspun yarn.

winner yarn

What? You want more alpacas?

alpaca rev


frontal alpaca

Happy now?

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  1. Kate says:

    Ahhh, Alpaca fix. Just can’t have too many alpacas! Great writeup, great photographs (and Jim! Rocking that SHAWL!! Very excellent). Here’s to Rhineback 2014….. :)

  2. Mel says:

    And, as usual, we got to see far too little of you. Someday there must be an evening of boozing and fun.

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