I’ve got talented friends!

It’s inspiring to know so many talented people, and they are very kind about sharing their projects with me. I just can’t seem to turn out the reviews fast enough (although you can read more of my book reviews in the trade magazine Yarn Market News now) but I also genuinely feel bad about not mentioning the great projects that my friends are working on. Here are a few that crossed my desk in the last couple of months.

You may know Gail Callahan as the Kangaroo Dyer — her yarns are the lovely handdyes featured at WEBS — and I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her in person.  The last time I saw her (I am embarrassed to say how long ago it was…) she gave me one of her Color Grids. The Color Grid is a handy tool, perfect for slipping into your bag when you go yarn shopping — or any other time when you have to make a decision about color. You pick your base color, and then use the clever die-cut holes to see what colors will complement the base color — and also what colors will add some pop. If you’re timid about picking colors, this is a very helpful tool to narrow your choices and end up with a result you love.


Sean Riley  just released a holiday-themed collection of patterns called, appropriately enough, “Holiday Gifts.”

riley cover

The patterns are all based on garter-stitch pieces with knitted-on I cords. Christmas stockings,

riley stocking

cowls, mittens, and even a challah cover are included, but I think my favorite is the Orenburg-inspired cowl:

riley cowl

These are quick-to-knit but interesting pieces that showcase the beauty of humble garter stitch and are designed for gift knitting. You can download a copy on Ravelry or via Sean’s site.

I met Mary Lou Egan at TNNA a while back and loved her on the spot. She is part of a group of designers who released a book called Wearwithall — a collection of patterns that, as they describe it, are “clean, classic, useful designs that can be varied according to your taste and skill level.”

egan cover

This is a very versatile collection of patterns that is accessible to less experienced knitters, but also gives a lot of scope for more proficient knitters when it comes to playing around and adding variations. There are 13 patterns, from Mary Lou’s sharp men’s zip cardi

Wear With All

to these clever long mittens

Wear With All

a woman’s cardigan (also by Mary Lou),

Wear With All

as well as a hat (can be knit slouchy for her or as a beanie for him), baby blanket, kids’ sweater, socks and so on. Easy to substitute yarns, easy to mix up colors or add stripes or colorblocks, the kind of patterns you’ll reach for over and over again. Pick up a copy through the Knittery or Amazon.com.

And if you haven’t stopped by my ArtFire shop lately, take a peek. I just uploaded a batch of sock yarns (a new blend with merino and silk and a nice twist)


and a big batch of Devon DK in some hazy colors that are just so lovely:

red 2

beige 5

They won’t last long….


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    You’re very sweet to share the news of my booklet! I appreciate your taking the time even with what little time you’ve had lately!

  2. Hi Carol – thanks for the super kind words. We just got the ebook together for this, so want to do an e-book giveaway?

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