Maryland Sheep & Wool 2013: Gallery

It’s become a blog tradition: presenting some of my photographs from Maryland Sheep and Wool. Now that I’ve been going to fiber festivals for a while, the must-buy-all-the-yarnz frenzy has cooled somewhat, and I enjoy meandering around with my camera, admiring all the pretty things. Here’s some of what I saw:

Antique spinning wheel

Handspun yarn from prizewinners’ exhibit

Shawl from prizewinners’ exhibit

Table loom


Handspun “art” yarn

Box of antique bobbins

Doll sweater; if you’ve never been to the show, each entry is graded and given comments by the judges, like those on the index card

Yet-to-be processed fleece from fleece sale

This fish hat cracked me up; I think it’s a pattern

Cable panel from an exquisite prize-winning sweater

More handspun from prizewinners’ exhibit; we noticed a huge increase in the number of handspun submissions

See what they did there?

Just in case you need a dried turnip to make a doll face

I think this is a Karakul but I could be wrong

From a booth selling vintage and reproduction textiles including weaving

You can usually walk by sheep being shorn, like this guy

Many unique spindles for sale

3 Thoughts

  1. beth says:

    I wish I had been there. Next year for sure.

  2. Dee Sulenski says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to next year…

  3. Renee says:

    Beautiful photos! Since this was only my second MDS&W trip I was still in the must buy all the fleeces I can fit in my car frenzy! It was nice to see some of the things I missed, like dried turnip heads. ;)

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