Happy new year!

The past few weeks have been even busier than I anticipated. We are (I hope) nearing the end of the unplanned home reno project. Christmas is over.  Apart from other deadlines that are imminent, I’ve been trying to get a book manuscript in. Things are going very well, but I always am a bit too optimistic when it comes to estimating how long it will take to tie up all the loose ends — not including all the knitting. So blogging fell by the wayside as I tried to put out metaphoric fires.

The school break is a nice time to catch up with some family time. Yesterday we took the kids back to the Philadelphia Art Museum for a visit:


We did see the Leger exhibit, which was fascinating, and since the day was so beautiful, strolled through the new sculpture garden in the back.


(We decided this particular sculpture reminded us of pool noodles.) We had dinner together and it was terrific to have a great meal in a great city with my favorite people.

I had high hopes for writing some posts looking back on 2013, but until (if?) I manage to, please do have a listen to the WEBS podcast, Ready Set Knit. It was my fourth end-of-the-year appearance chatting with Kathy Elkins about the year that was and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it.  Go here for details or you can download it via Itunes.

In the meantime, Boris and I wish you very happy holidays. See you in 2014!

Boris christmas 13

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  1. Marianne says:

    Your family is so full of the wonderful characters, love reading about them and seeing them. Glad your holidays were of the cheerful sort.
    Boris. He’s a beautiful, full grown kittehfaced fella.
    Love you.

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