Catching up

It’s always chaotic at my house, but it’s been especially crazy here lately. Right after I returned from Rhinebeck, a sewer pipe got blocked, spewing filthy water all over our ground floor. We had to rip up flooring and do lots of cleaning to avoid mildew. Feh. This is what the family room looks like now:


We’re hoping the floor installer can sneak us in before Christmas, but we’ll see.  In the meantime, Boris has been most displeased with all the contractors and upheaval–honestly, so have I. (Even though we’ve had the sweetest folks working for us. It’s me, not them.)

On the other hand, the kitchen remains untouched in all its 1970s glory, which means I’ve been dyeing a little yarn. Just listed: a restock of Avondale, a luscious merino/silk blend, in a tightly-twisted singles that shows off the colors to perfection. Whether you like icy pastels

orange sherbert

or bright multicolors


or a somewhat glazed approach


you’ll find something to please!

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