VK Live: What a show!

Just returned home–to be greeted by Boy Twin with “Boy, Mom, you sure look tired.”

Tired in the best way.

Another VK Live is over and it was phenomenal. Running into so many dear friends;

Linda Pratt & Franklin Habit

encountering some gorgeous new yarns;

zealana air

seeing display after display of beautiful products:

Gorgeous display of Soak wash

getting a sneak peek at upcoming Vogue Knitting garments:

spring garment

making new friends (including a lovely new friend who has the molecule for caffeine on her shoulder):


getting to know some gorgeous Icelandic ladies;

Hulda and Ragga

and so much more!

I spent most of Saturday on the Marketplace Floor. There were fashion shows, demonstrations and lectures. Classes were constantly going on–and this year, were held into the evening hours, too. My mind is reeling from all the inspiration. I barely had time to shop–although I did manage to acquire the latest Koigu Magazine (review coming in a few days).


No sooner had the Marketplace floor closed for the day when it was time for the Gala Dinner. Keynote speaker was Karen Allen (you might remember her from a few little movies like “Animal House” and one of the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” films) who now runs a knitting business. I have to say that I was a little disappointed that she didn’t dish any juicy tidbits about all the amazing leading men she’s worked with. I wanted some dirt on Harrison Ford, or behind-the-scenes anecdotes about Belushi in his heyday…

After a wonderful fashion show, we got to see the finalists in a design contest sponsored by New Zealand yarn company Zealana. I hadn’t seen many of their yarns before this weekend, but they are truly gorgeous. And the finalists in their design contest were absolutely amazing. I was proud that my friend, lace knitter/teacher extraordinaire Brooke Nico, was one of the finalists.


That is Brooke, showing off her (ahem) possum. If you heard any rumors about Brooke and me that night, please know that the only reason we were collecting half-drunk wine bottles from the various tables was to help recycle the bottles and had nothing to do with the fact that the waiters stopped bringing wine halfway through dinner. Really. Seriously.

We also got to meet several of the finalists who were seated at our table. They were a tremendous group and loads of fun. Here’s a distant shot of the finalists gathered together at the end:

design finalists

The winner won an all-expenses-paid trip to New Zealand and her design (and those of the two runners-up) will be featured in a future Vogue Knitting Magazine. The breadth of techniques and styles presented by the various entries was astonishing–cables, colorwork, lace, texture, beads, light layering pieces, dresses and skirts, sweaters–extremely inspiring and exciting to see all that talent.


After the festivities, it was off to party. So many fun people, and so many hijinks. I gave Debbie Bliss a lovely shoulder massage and in return, she autographed my clavicle* with a Sharpie. (I think she was trying to compete with Fiona Ellis, who earlier in the day, signed my right clavicle.) I was going to tell my family that I got the initial of two of my favorite designers tatooed on my chest, but they weren’t fooled. In fact, Little Miss took one look at me and said “Why did someone write with marker on your skin?”

I got to chat with my BFF Martin Storey (a lovely, lovely man and uber-talented designer), Louisa Harding, my lovemuffin Fiona Ellis and her charming husband Rob, Josh Bennett (did you know he’s had something like THIRTY-SIX patterns in Vogue?!?!), the always-lovely Doreen Connors, and so many more!

Fiona Ellis and Patty Lyons

The only not-fun part of the entire weekend was that lovely Trisha Malcolm was deathly ill and spent most of the show time holed up in a hotel room feeling miserable. Right before last call at the bar, we called her to tell her we missed her. Brooke was the one dialing, and suddenly she hands me the phone and says “Trisha wants to talk to you.” Still feeling extremely ill, Trisha asked me to stand in and teach her class the next morning…PANIC SET IN.

So  I switched to club soda, hustled off to bed, and taught a class full of amazing students (waves to nice ladies from Yarnings! and my sweet recidivist student Mindy!). Only one person left when they announced that I wasn’t Trisha, and I don’t blame her: Trisha is pretty amazing and I’d be disappointed if I missed her, too.

Einband laceweight by Lopi

And right before I left, I ran into the inimitable Knitting Curmudgeon (rare and handy as always), and then I was stopped by the delightful Elaine from NYC, a frequent flyer on my blog (which I appreciate more than I can say!). She was showing off this gorgeous cable sweater she knit–really wonderful (but too hot to wear on the show floor). What a pleasure to finally match a name with a face!


So……….I am totally beat. I have a sore throat and a wee bit of stomach ache, which I’m hoping I can sleep off this week. But I have a few skeins of yummy yarn to add to my stash, and some wonderful memories of a fantastic show and time spent with dear friends.

I mean, where else in the world are you going to encounter knitted shish kebabs?

shish kebab



*When I use the word “clavicle” in this post, I mean “breast.” Just so we’re clear. But my bra stayed on at all times.

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  1. Barb B. says:

    Great update as always! Thanks. Also, a special thanks for the photo of the Einband laceweight.. it is exactly what I have been seeking for a certain project.
    As for the bra’s position at all times…. Sure Carol. Sure it did. Yup. I believe you. Thousands wouldn’t. MILLIONS wouldn’t. But I do.

  2. Mindy Bickel says:

    Carol – you did a great job as a stand in for Trisha Malcolm; I was disappointed that Trisha wasn’t there but you are such a great teacher and I learned so much from you! Thank you for being willing to step in at the last moment so the class could go on. Only disappointment for me was that I misplaced the lovely book that gave everyone in the class to thank us for being understanding! I went back and happened upon a lovely Vogue Knitting lady who offered to have another one sent to me. Gotta love the VK and knitters!!

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