VK Live is Five! (Come see us in Booth 705)

I have been honored to be a part of VK Live: New York from its very inception five years ago. And I’m super-excited to be heading out to NYC again, to be a part of the fifth anniversary show. I’m teaching and vending, and I hope you will stop by and check out Booth 705 because we’ve got some amazing stuff.

I’ve been dyeing and dyeing and dyeing. I’ve got lots and lots of my new self-striping fingering-weight yarn, which is 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. I’ve been having so much fun playing around with different self-striping colorways. People do seem to love the traditional spectrum of ROYGBIV but I also love combining unexpected colors, mixing in neutrals, and using more muted shades.


And of course Brooke has outdone herself with pattern support; this shawlette is just lovely, done mostly in garter stitch with a lovely edging and swirled lines of increases:


(Forgive me: I didn’t have a chance to get my supermodels to try this one on yet!)

I’ve got some more new base yarns. Belmont is a really nice blend of kid mohair, merino and nylon — but I love that the kid mohair content doesn’t give it a really pronounced halo.

belmont 2


Brooke designed an absolutely fabulous layering piece that you’ve got to see!

We’ve got another new base called Roxie, which is a blend of linen, silk and alpaca:

roxie gray

roxie golden

The different fibers take the dye slightly differently, giving a heathery effect, and this yarn is just so soft! Perfect for spring.

We’ve got a sneak preview of one of the projects from Lace Yarn Studio. The Malbec Infinity Scarf


features a strand of chunky yarn worked into a laceweight cowl. Pattern is free — and we’ve got some lovely lace weight skeins to purchase along with miniskeins of chunky so you can go home and start knitting before the book is even out.

Speaking of books, you can get signed copies of Brooke’s Lovely Knitted Lace and my Sock Yarn Studio; we have patterns, such as Brooke’s fantastic Yoyo Shawl (takes just one skein of laceweight!)

shawlette 8

and the luscious Whisper tunic (with or without cowl, your choice):

whisper 3

or pick up two skeins of sock yarn and make this capelet (or skirt):

cowl 8

I hope you’ll stop by and see us in booth 705!

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