Valentine’s Day yarn: get it while it lasts!

I had so much fun collaborating with Jimmy Bean’s Wool for their Twelve Days of Christmas promotion that we decided to do it again!

This time, however, the holiday we’re celebrating is Valentine’s Day. We put our heads together and decided to offer a limited edition colorway in honor of February 14th, in my Luna base yarn, which has subtle silver sparkles. I named the colorway “Eros” in honor of love and the god of love. Inspired by red roses and pink candy boxes, the Eros colorway is a semisolid red with hints of pink, magenta, grape and coral. There are lots of subtle tonal variations, with a slight silver sparkle.


Last time, the BBF yarn sold out in a very short period of time, so don’t delay! Go here. (Rumor has it that the eminent designer Brooke Nico has generously provided a free pattern download with purchase, too — woot!)

One Thought

  1. Diane says:

    I bought a skein of Luna Eros and am making a scarf. I loved the yarn so much that I just bought another skein in a different color and one of Apollo. Love your yarn!

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