Spinning Fiber

For those who prefer to spin their own yarn, whether by wheel or spindle, BBF offers top-quality spinning fiber in top and roving form. BBF has a particular interest in offering single-breed wools as well as types of wool that aren’t readily available elsewhere. You’ll love the loft as well as the gorgeous color combinations.

Single-Breed Wools
Most spinners are familiar with the merino breed of sheep, renowned for softness, ease of dyeing and durability, but there’s a whole world of sheep breeds out there for handspinners to explore. The Blue-Faced Leicester breed, for example, produces a stunning wool with a very soft hand and a unique luster. Wensleydale wool has a longer fiber length, making it easy for newer spinners to work with, and takes dye beautifully, with sheen and a slight halo. If you love merino, you may want to branch out into Corriedale, Falkland or South African breed wool; or try the silky Masham breed. Listings for individual batches always include a description of the particular breed to help you pick the wool that’s right for you.

Custom Wool Blends and Crossbreed Blends
From time to time, BBF will purchase fleeces at sheep festivals and have them custom-processed, then dye the roving and offer it in 4 to 8 oz. batches. It’s a great way to try some funky blends or to sample a cross-bred sheep (say, a sheep that has a Merino mother and a Rambouillet father). Customers always rave about these blends, so snap ‘em up when you see them.

Wool Blends
Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And sometimes blending a wool fiber with another fiber creates a spinning experience that rocks your world. Merino-silk blends, for example, combine the elasticity of wool with the sheen and luster of silk. Fiber blends tend to have wonderful complexity of color, since different fibers take the dye in different ways.