Six-week update

It’s a little shocking that Boris the kitten has been part of our family for nearly two months. During that time he has grown quite a bit, and we’ve all gotten used to each other.  I discovered that Boris loves yarn (especially Kureyon):


is a total foodie (he has nommed little tidbits we’ve given him, like fish and chicken, but also has slurped up bits of cheese and even attacked a stray potato chip once when we weren’t looking); and has a slight fetish for the shoes of the guys in the family. He is extremely smart and it doesn’t take him long to figure things out. He has taken a visceral dislike to those holiday clings that my daughter loves, jumping up against the patio glass to try to knock them down.  He is vocal, and when he sees certain reflections, like sunlight filtering through a liquid (like a glass of water), goes crazy, making a sort of chirping noise.


I was a little surprised to see how much the boys love him and vice versa. Although I expected he and Little Miss would be best buds, her desire to pick him up and talk to him in an annoying voice, like that little girl in the Tom and Jerry cartoon, has not endeared her to him.

Like the proverbial big brother, Charcoal finds Boris jejune and banal. He is supremely disinterested in him. He does not seem at all frightened of him and simply goes into his igloo when he doesn’t feel like being bothered. And like the proverbial little brother, Boris finds Charcoal irresistible and cannot tear himself away from peering into his pen. Occasionally Charcoal will deign to touch noses with him, but then Boris pokes a paw in to investigate exactly what this big furry creature is, and Charcoal thumps at him and Boris runs away. (Charcoal has even figured out that if the kitty is bugging him, we will take Boris out and then return to the kitchen to give Charcoal a treat. So now when one of us walks into the kitchen and is spotted by Charcoal, he stands up on his hind legs, sniffing for a snack. We call this “Peter Rabbiting.”)

Last night we had a potential breakthrough. While Charcoal was out being petted on the couch, Boris came over and sniffed his nose, then kissed him (i.e., licked the top of his head). I had my smartphone camera nearby


I am convinced this is a sign that Boris was making obeisance to the fluffy creature with seniority.

Tom is convinced Boris thought, “Yep, tastes like chicken.”

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  1. Jodi says:

    My, what a handsome kitten! I love seeing the two fluffy creatures together.

  2. Elaine in NYC says:

    Oooooh, Boris! I am so verklempt!

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