If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably remember that like true Philadelphians, each summer we go “downa shore.” Our preferred New Jersey beach town is Cape May. When we first started going to the beach, my kids looked like this:

Cape May 07thu 001

Now they look like this.


Sometimes my mom gets wistful about the kids getting older; she says things like “They are getting so big! It’s such a shame!” and while I understand how sweet little kids are and miss many things about when my kids were younger, I can’t feel sad about them growing up when they are such great people. This past week we had an amazing time together. Seeing them start to morph into adults — smart, kind, well-adjusted adults — fills me with pride. And it’s wonderful to spend time with people who are funny, bright and interesting.


I feel fortunate to have these beach weeks with them, and with my husband, who works terribly hard most of the year. (In fact, the worst part of our vacation was missing Boris and Charcoal! although my lovely father-in-law did a great job of boarding them.)


It’s nice to be home, too, and now things are starting to rev up in anticipation of the coming fall. (It’s not that far away, you know!)

But for now, we’ll enjoy these last, lingering days of summer.


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