Podcast, anyone?

If you’re in the mood for some podcast listening, might I humbly suggest you take a listen to two podcasts, both created and hosted by consummate professionals in the industry. I was recently interviewed by these excellent podcasters, and we had a great time and discussed some very interesting topics.

First up is Kara Gott Warner’s Power Purls podcast (link is here).

Carol Sulcoski

Kara and I spoke about how I first came to be obsessed with knitting, how knitting went from a hobby to a career, and of course, we spoke about my book Knitting Ephemera.

I also had the honor of being hosted by Vickie Howell on her new podcast, Craft-ish. Vickie’s podcast is taking a broader look at the world of crafting — including photographers, quilters, and even the director of the new Star Wars movie — focusing on issues of creativity, building a career, and (all together now) about my book Knitting Ephemera (link here).


I hope you’ll have a listen — it is a great thrill for me to be asked to contribute to these wonderful podcasts.

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