On the road

Things that you will find on my living room floor right now:

  1. feather boas
  2. tentacles
  3. 5 colors of felt
  4. repurposed bridemaid dress
  5. tulle
  6. glue gun
  7. seashells
  8. mermaid skirt

Yes, it’s elementary-school musical time again, and Little Miss has won a coveted role as Flounder in “The Little Mermaid.” I am helping sew costumes and having a blast doing it, even if my house looks like a craft store vomited all over it.

I am going to whisk away the costumes in a day or two, however, to get ready for my two January trips. I’m leaving Thursday for Vogue Knitting: Live in New York. I can’t wait to see you all and visit the city again. I will be spending a lot of time floating all over the place, so look for me and say hi if you see me. I am going to be doing some posting on the VK Live Facebook page and Twitter feed, so please like and follow them!

The week after that, I am going back to WEBS to attend the premiere of a beautiful book.

cye book

I was very honored to have a design chosen for this unique book. It features the beautiful yarns of Classic Elite, and a fascinating premise: take one stitch pattern, and use it three different ways to create three different items–shawls, scarves and wraps. Although the stitch pattern stays the same, the yarns and their gauges vary. The result is intriguing. I was given three different Classic Elite yarns in shades of ballerina pink: a laceweight, a sportweigh and a bulky yarn. All were luscious to knit with, but the end results are strikingly different. The same stitch pattern that looks bold in a bulky weight looks airy and ethereal in a laceweight.  From a practical standpoint, once you knit the stitch pattern for a little while, you start to learn it, making it easy to transfer it to another garment.

Now I don’t have to tell you how I feel about WEBS (by the way, check out my end-of-the-year podcast with Kathy, free for download here), so the chance to pop up there for another visit is thrilling me. You can find all the details here. It’s a free event but they would like you to RSVP.  (P.S. THERE WILL BE TASTYKAKES.)


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