MPLS MINN: You rock!

We saw no evidence of those scary Minnesota winters last weekend, when the temperature soared to 70 degrees. It was a beautiful start to VK’s first-ever Minneapolis show. There’s been so much rancor in the intervening few days, and it’s something I don’t feel ready to talk about at length. So instead, let’s take a look at some of the sights from the show.












Right now, thoughts of dear friends, new pals, beautiful yarn and enticing projects are helping me cope. Thanks, Minneapolis! I hope to return soon.

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  1. I just opened this up and almost fell over. i don’t think I could love you more xoxoxox :)

  2. PattyO says:

    I’m so very happy that our weather cooperated for the event. What great photos you took – even our silly one is pretty good. Ha! I was all hot and sweaty from walking there from the office with my luggage. But so worth it.

    My classes were awesome and so informative and I really had so much fun! Plus, I got to spend time with YOU and Brooke Nico and Patty Lyons and Tabbethia (sorry, I can’t remember how to spell her name?) and Lauren and Linda and so many additional incredible people. And I got to fondle, er, feel the awesome yarns available – especially yours. :-)

    Now I have to wait another 4 months before we meet up again. But we’ll be in touch frequently, I know we will. See you in March! xoxo

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