Maryland Sheep and Wool (and giveaway winner!)

I’ve been going to Maryland Sheep & Wool for years, but always on the Saturday of the show weekend. This weekend, my oldest was going to the junior prom:


and so Saturday was out. Not to be cheated out of a day at the show, my ragtag carload of fiber-lovers decided to go on Sunday. What a revelation! No lines. None. Not to turn into the fairgrounds, not for the bathroom, not for food, not for t-shirts.

No line to see me!

No line to see me!

No crowds. Although there was good turnout, you could actually maneuver around the buildings without being surrounded by a mass of humanity.

No lines to see me, either!

No lines to see me, either!

The weather was gorgeous (just lucky on that one).

I even caught sight of Ryan Gosling next to the word “ginormous” so I’ll let you guys ponder that one for a while.

I'd like to pet him

I’d like to pet him

And as usual, there were adorable sheep (Jen and I fell in love with this emo-looking guy):

Teesdale, right, Beth Smith?

Teesdale, right, Beth Smith?

There were all kinds of fleece

fleece bowl

and beautiful knitting & crochet


and weaving


and more knitting

and mittens

and more cute beasties

sheep 2

and all sorts of tempting things to buy.


So I’m thinking that maybe going on Sunday will become a new tradition for us.

Giveaway winner!

Lovely Maggie was the winner of the Lace Yarn Studio book and yarn giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered. We’ll do some more fun giveaways in the coming weeks…

2 Thoughts

  1. Christine says:

    looks fab, and sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Laura says:

    Now you’ve given away the secret! Seriously, I live semi-local and it’s so much nicer to go on Sunday – especially now that I have a kid, I really don’t want to have to brave the Saturday crowds with a stroller in tow. I brought along some non-fiber arts people in addition to the kiddo this year and they had a good time too.

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