Knitting with my own yarn

It sounds strange, but I don’t often knit with Black Bunny Fibers yarns. I’ve knit myself a few pairs of socks, and a hat or two, but between using sample knitters and being hired to knit in other people’s yarns, the vast majority of what I work on is not BBF-dyed. I’m hoping that will change. I’ve cast on some projects with the hope of producing some patterns showing off my yarns for the next time Brooke and I vend. In the meantime, however, I have some extremely talented and amazing friends who are picking up the slack.

Check out this wonderful cowl, by Andi Smith.

andi pattern 1

It’s made with two colors of dk-weight yarn and is part of Andi’s collection Synchronicity.

andi pattern 2

The patterns in this collection feature two-color cables, a fascinating technique (and there’s lots of instructional material in the e-book if you’ve never done it before). This particular pattern is called “Black Bunny” and I am honored.

Kristin Omdahl has also been creating lovely things with BBF yarn. Check out this crocheted lace shawl, called Lilaberry:

lilaberry one

Exquisite! Made with BBF sock yarn….and yet another reason I need to hone my crochet skills. Download is available here.

With just one skein of BBF DK weight yarn, Kristin created this beautiful scarf:


called the Honeycomb. It features a dropped-stitch lace pattern that blooms beautifully after blocking.

honeycomb close

Luckily, there’s a bunch of freshly-dyed Black Bunny DK weight yarn in my ArtFire shop:

hisbiscus2 plasma 2 sweet4


so have at it!

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