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It was a labor of love that I started in fall of 2012. It was carefully nurtured, and revised, and tweaked, and edited by the fabulous folks at Sixth and Spring Books, and then a wonderful book designer created exactly the perfect design for it. And now, nearly four years later, it’s on sale at your LYS or local bookshop or online:



What is an ephemera? Well, it’s a collection of things thought to have only fleeting popularity, but which when preserved, often prove to be quite valuable. And this book consists of all sorts of information — facts, statistics, anecdotes, humorous bits, historical tidbits, ethnic and folk traditions — all about knitting and yarn (and a little crochet and spinning and weaving, too) that might not be thought by some to be worth preserving but which I think truly are. I hope you will enjoy perusing this collection and I hope that you agree with me that it is material that is well worth keeping.

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  1. Hazel Vaughn says:

    Already have a copy ordered!

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