Holy moly!

Whenever I get back from a show I feel like I will never not be tired again. And this was was no exception.

However, I simply could not love Chicago more. It is the home of dear friends, like Franklin and Kristen and Michelle (who brought her adorable daughter to see me!)


It is a city full of excellent, enthusiastic knitters, many of whom were in my classes and lecture.

It is a beautiful city, with character and charm.


It is a city where you can choose to transact your business at the ATM in Polish if you wish. (My Bopchi would have loved that.)

My trip was extra-special because it started with my oldest kid accompanying me. He’s a high-school junior and starting to think about college. We added on an extra day to our trip and went to look at the University of Chicago.


The school was beautiful, the tour was informative and we had a blast! We also went to see the Art Institute; Millenium Park; ate donuts at the most amazing place


and generally had a wonderful time.

He also helped haul boxes and set up our booth — and we were rather pleased with the results. We had Julie Turjoman and her brand-new book, A Head for Trouble (review coming soon!) in our booth,


along with Brooke’s breathtaking Peacock Wrap pattern and yarn custom-dyed to match.

It’s always hard for me to explain the peculiar state of mind shows like this put me in. Excitement, the contagious inspiration of seeing so many beautiful things, the feeling I’ve come home and am surrounded by my tribe, anxiety at putting on good classes, concern that we will sell enough yarn to make the trip pay off financially, the exhilaration of an amazing city like Chicago….

Now I’m home, and mulling over all that I did and saw and making plans for the next show.

Thank you, Chicago, for a wonderful trip. I hope we meet again soon!

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  1. Suzie says:

    I’ve sent 3 boys to UofC. Two started this year. It’s been great for them. Happy to talk if you or he would like.

  2. Catherine says:

    Glad to hear it went so well.

    Could you pester Franklin to start blogging more frequently?

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