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Congratulations to Maryanne, the 11th commenter: The random number generator picked you as the lucky winner of the Indigodragonfly yarn!  I have contacted you via Ravelry for shipping information.

In my last post, I told you that I would share an amusing anecdote in this post about the photoshoot for the Little Purls of Wisdom socks. I have to confess that I was not at one-hundred-percent capacity when it came time to try to photograph them. It wasn’t too long after I’d gotten out of the hospital (in fact, I believe in my deluded state I took the socks-in-progress in my knitting bag to the ER with me–as if I could have done any knitting worth a damn in my hospital room).  I was in a hurry to finish because I was late finishing them and didn’t want to hold Knitty up any longer than I had to. Luckily I have a teenaged son who has lots of really sweet and attractive female friends. He told me that his friend So-and-So (I’m trying to maintain some semblance of privacy for the lovely lass) would be happy to model a pair of socks. He arranged for us to meet her at her house at noon.

We turned up a private drive with stately rows of trees lining the side and then I realized that this



was her front door.

Turns out this charming young woman is the great-granddaughter of a Main Line socialite. And not just any Main Line socialiste, but the one who inspired the amazing movie, “The Philadelphia Story.” Although her great-grandmother is deceased, the 50-room manor house lives on and is currently still owned by the family, although I have heard that it is up for sale. So my kid’s classmate lives in a wing of an amazing mansion, surrounded by artwork and history and antiques and lots of doggies.  She gave us a tour and it was an incredible experience, from the  “pantry” holding shelf after shelf of china and crystal (and a ceiling-high walk-in safe for valuables) to the Downton-Abbey-like servant’s kitchen, from the gentlemen’s room (paneling and stuffed chairs and cigar accoutrements) to the music room with a grand piano given to her great-grandmother’s sister by some, like, conductor guy named Leo-something


(Leopold Stokowski FTW).

She is a delightful teenager and was a lovely and cooperative model. And I felt lucky to have gotten to walk the same corridors that the real-life Tracy Lord once walked.


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