FOs and un-FOs

It’s been a busy fall, and I have been remiss in my blogging duties. Here is a list of the things I SHOULD have blogged about this fall:

1. Charcoal’s birthday — he turned 9 years old!


2. Boris’s birthday — he turned two!

Boris oct 14

3. Stitches East — I had a fabulous time!

4. Rhinebeck — ditto!

5. the first day of school — it went well!

6. my next book — it’s now listed for preorders on Amazon and!

cover LYS

I’m sure there are a bunch of other things, but I am running out of exclamation points, so today I am going to show you a few photos of a sewing project that I finished this past weekend. After the Bridget-Quiltapalooza, I had so many deadlines and trips that I didn’t have a chance to do much quilting, and I’ve really missed it.

This weekend, after several big deadlines were over, I decided to do some improvisational quilting and make some throw pillow covers for the family room. I picked a selection of fabrics that picked up the colors in the rug, and just played around. I ended up with one Log Cabin-ish pillow

log cabin pillow

a simple arrangement of squares, alternating prints with solids,

patchwork pillow

and a little one in which I alternated stripes with rows of a solid.

stripe pillow

I was happy with the way they came out, and it’s whetted my appetite for more quilting…. What have you been working on?

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  1. Mary K. in Rockport says:

    Do Boris and the bunny get along, or do you have to keep them apart? I’m asking because my daughter brought home a lovely pet bunny, and we’re not sure he’d be safe around the two cats.

    • Carol says:

      Boris is actually a little afraid of the bunny — he’s not a very aggressive kitty at all. When the bunny stomps his back feet, it scares Boris. But that being said, we never allow them unsupervised and loose together. Charcoal lives in a collapsible doggie cage in the kitchen, and so he has always been protected from Boris. And we have trained Boris not to jump in the pen (it’s about three feet high). Better safe than sorry.

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