Flounder and Jasmine?

I had a great time visiting Woolbearers Sunday afternoon. Myra has a lovely shop with an amazing selection of yarns. Seriously, even as jaded as I am, having seen so much gorgeous yarn in my life, Myra still had some things I hadn’t seen. Just about everything in the shop was on sale, with discounts ranging from 10 to 25 percent. If you missed this year’s sale, you’ll want to remember to put it on your calendar next year. I also love that Myra has spinning and weaving equipment and supplies, too.

IMG_0979 001

I met some terrific knitters and signed some books and a good time was had by all–especially those who got yarn on sale!

I’m hoping it’ll be a quiet week here–I’ve got some deadlines coming up, and classes at Stitches West to prepare for. I’m finishing up the last of The Little Mermaid costumes, with  Flounder’s fishy body.


There’s going to be a cap to go along with it (I try to work in at least one knitted item now whenever I help out with costumes). I think we are going with a mohawk-style row of fringe on top to evoke the fish’s fin.

Now even though my Disney princess aficionados will know that Flounder really goes with Ariel, not Jasmine, I am going to mention Jasmine–or rather jasmine, as in the scent. Sometimes I get little gifties in the mail, like this bottle of wool wash from Kristin Omdahl (It’s Black Bunny Fibers yarn draped around the bottle for aesthetic effect).


Kristin, working with our friends at Eucalan, has created her own Eucalan wash, called Wrapture. Wrapture features the scent of jasmine. I’ve been using it to rinse yarn and to block a few pieces of a sweater I just finished, and it’s a terrific product. I love the light floral scent, and I always prefer using wool washes especially designed for hand knits, since they aren’t harsh and give wool a wonderful added scent. So if you’re in the market for wool wash, check Wrapture out.

That’s all for now. Back to the knitting, ably assisted by my new helper:



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  1. Marianne says:

    What a lovely display of yarnz.
    Mmm, jasmine. and bunnyyarn.

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