Days 2-5: Our trip by the numbers

Total miles traveled, Philadelphia area to Portland area, round-trip: Let’s say 800+ (yowza!)


Number of gorgeous models photographed: 3 in our presence (including my daughter); plus 2 more

Number of times I marveled at photographer Carrie Hoge’s incredible skill and talent:  1,080

Number of miles of coastline ogled:  scores — at both high and low tide

b IMG_8413

Number of islands tromped around: 1

a IMG_8407

Number of beautiful beaches visited: 4


Number of lighthouses visited: 3 plus Portland Observatory (all closed until Memorial Day — wah!)

a IMG_8495

Number of times Little Miss and I swam in the hotel pool:  4


Coldest outside temperature when Little Miss and I swam in the (heated) hotel pool: 53 degrees F

Number of times I was told I was annoying: 89



b IMG_8455


Number of One Direction songs listened to: 235

one d

Number of times we watched the One Direction documentary “This Is Us” in hotel room: 2

Historical landmarks visited:  3 — Portland Observatory (closed)


Longfellow House


and Fort Williams


Visits to Lobster Shack: 1


Pet bunnies encountered: 1


Yarn shops visited: 1 (the lovely KnitWit)

Number of times I hope I get to return to Portland:  infinity

b IMG_8490

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3 Thoughts

  1. Mel says:

    You know, when you crossed that bridge you were about 4 miles from alpacas, sheep, and puppy snogs. Maybe next time I won’t be a third of the way ’round the globe.

  2. Elle says:

    For some reason I thought you were road tripping to Portland, Oregon. When I saw the 800 miles, it was like a smack upside the head- Duh, Maine!

    So be thankful you did not have to listen to One Direction (and how embarrassing you are) for 6,000 miles!

    Maine is wonderful, by the way, isn’t it?

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