Back to school

I always measure time relative to the school year. January 1st holds no power over me; it never seems like a true beginning. The winter is as dark and cold as ever and the rhythms of my life don’t change much then. But autumn is a different story. Summer has lost its nerve as the leaves start to turn and mums bloom. When I was younger, it was back to school time for me, but now it’s my kids who return to the classroom. Their first week at school is almost over. It was a strange week — half-day here, a day off for the Jewish holidays yesterday, but we’re getting back on schedule.

I didn’t mean to take the entire month off from blogging, but it happens. Right after my Stitches trip, we spent our second week at the beach and it was glorious.


We even managed to play mini-golf without anyone throwing down their club and stomping off in a huff. (You know how Tom is when he doesn’t win.)


The last weeks of summer went quickly, as the oldest kid started marching band practice and we scurried around to get ready for school. In the meantime, I’ve been kept super-busy. Recently I picked up a gig doing some writing for the industry magazine Yarn Market News. We had a lot of articles to get ready for October, and now we’re already thinking about the January issue. And at the same time, deadlines are imminent for my next book. I’m sure I”ll be freaking out many times over the next few weeks as I create lots of written AND knitted product. But I’m grateful to have meaningful work that I enjoy.

And there are so many fiber festivals and other yarn-y events to look forward to.  Next weekend, Friday, September 13th, I’ll be speaking to the Common Cod Fiber Guild in Boston (find details here) and the weekend after that, I’ll be teaching and doing a trunk show at Gosh Yarn It in Wilkes-Barre.  (Details to come.) I’ll be teaching at Stitches East in November, too (class sign-ups open September 10th). I’m also planning to be at Rhinebeck for a fun weekend (knock on wood we have no repeat health issues like last year). I hope to see you at some of these events!

black eyed sm

So enjoy the last, lingering days of summer, and have a great weekend.

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  1. kte says:

    That is a LOT coming up. Enjoy, and good luck. I love fall. I love the whole back to school thing – I loved it when I was little and I still do now – not to ‘get rid’ of the kids, but for the structure that makes the year run well, and makes summer so much fun when it arrives. But mostly I love the Fall-ness of fall. I love the temperatures, I love pulling out my sweaters, I love the SMELL and the geese honking overhead. Happy fall to you. Can’t wait to see all those projects and read the words you’ve crafted.

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