VK Live: Sleepless in Seattle

Things I did NOT see while in Seattle for the sixth Vogue Knitting Live show:

  1. Space Needle
  2. Pioneer Square
  3. Pike Place Market
  4. Mount Rainier
  5. Bainbridge Island
Public domain photo

Public domain photo

Things I did see while attending VK Live: Seattle

  1. dear friends and colleagues
  2. many amazing projects handknitted by very talented knitters
  3. fashion shows, lectures, and demos
  4. friendly, knowledgeable, super-nice knitters, crocheters and spinners
  5. a lovely view of the water from the hallway outside my classroom
  6. urinals in the ladies’ room (well, only in the loo next to my classroom)




Number of internet friends I met in real life for the first time: at least 5 (waves to Barb Brown, Rabbitch, Shauneen, Suesea and Bebe Babycakes)


Number of skeins of yarn I came home with: 6 (Spin Cycle, Alpha B, three fates, Black Wolf Ranch)


Number of glasses of wine consumed while in Brooke Nico’s company:



Things I didn’t expect to see in Seattle but did:

  1. This guy
  2. Knitted glass
  3. urinals in the ladies’ room (well, only in the loo next to my classroom)
  4. A life-size cat’s cradle (there was a really sweet teenager there, and she told us it was a community-participation project, so we should tie yarn around it to add to it but we should under no circumstances tie the yarn to the metal….she didn’t realize we were just fooling around and thought I was the dumbest person in the world when I proceeded to immediately tie the yarn to the metal….)


cats cradle 2

[the extent to which I look like my Grandma Jessie in this photo fills me with shock and awe]


  1. Amy Detjen holding a giant crochet hook
  2. a sweater with the Seattle skyline knit into it

seattle sweater small

Things I didn’t expect to do in Seattle but did:

  1. Order one of every appetizer on the menu with several partners-in-crime (the chef came out to see what kind of freaks placed the order)
  2. Get kinneared in a restaurant (I am sure it was my travel companions who triggered the scrutiny)
  3. Take part in a speed-knitting contest
  4. Get a sneak peek at the 12 finalists on The Fiber Factor

Number of gifts I gave:  1 to Barb Brown (she joins the elite group of people for whom I have made a quilt)


Number of gifts I received: 4 (two skeins of yarn from Bebe and her boothmate, and a warshcloth knitted by Rabbitch; a fantabulous bag of Canadian goodness from Barb Brown and Caroline the Elder; 6 if you count the two photographs of naked men wearing scarves that Nicky Epstein gave me)

Boris approves

Boris approves of warshcloths but isn’t sure about photos of naked men


It all adds up to a wonderful trip!


3 Thoughts

  1. Bethany says:

    Oh my! That sweater is something else!!

  2. (Not That) Joan says:

    Rabbitch! She lives!

  3. AllisonInPhilly says:

    Holy crap — that sweater! The only thing it’s missing is jelly yarn (I think).

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