A quick hello from historic Lebanon, Ohio

It was a long drive–about 9 hours in all, even without stopping for more than five minutes at a time–but now that I have arrived in Lebanon, Ohio, I am charmed.  I mean, how can you not love a town that has a public library that looks like this?



I am staying at the Golden Lamb, a historic inn that was established in 1803.

A fiber retreat in a historical hotel NAMED AFTER A LAMB????? Are you jealous yet?

I get to hang out with Abby Franquement and Beth Smith, who have both forgotten more about spinning yarn than I’ll ever know:

beth spins

Abby’s studio is called Stringtopia and is not the traditional retail store; instead it is truly a working studio, where spinners can join as a member (there are different levels of membership) and have access to the place and the staff and take classes like the ones being offered this weekend.



I”ve already met so many smart, fun, funny people who are here for the retreat weekend and I’ve been watching them do all sorts of clever things with their wheels and spindles. And Abby’s shop is indeed a utopia for spinners and other fiber-lovers; the vibe is tremendous, nurturing, fun and there are such fascinating and beautiful tools and fiber-y things all around, like these gorgeous spindles made from reclaimed wood by an artisan Abby knows:


And Morgaine of Carolina Homespun is here with all sorts of supplies and goodies to sell.

My Ohio geography isn’t the greatest, but Lebanon is south north of Cincinnati, in a beautiful area full of history and with lush farmland everywhere. So if you’re anywhere near us, and you’re in the mood to play with and learn about string (spinning it, knitting it, weaving it, dyeing it….) I’d highly recommend checking out the Spring Thing. Details are here.

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  1. glw says:

    Lebanon is about thirty minutes NORTH of Cincinnati. Only Kentucky is south of Cincinnati:)

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