A new yarn (and free shipping this weekend)

A while back, I had a fingering-weight yarn in my Black Bunny Fibers shop that was a marl — different-colored plies twisted around each other. Each ply took the dye in a slightly different shade of the same color, giving a funky barbershop-style effect. Not everyone likes the marled look, but it’s fun to play with and I got some really lovely effects with it. Alas, that base was discontinued. Recently, however, I discovered a new fingering-weight yarn with a similar (although much subtler) effect, and I dyed some skeins of it to see what it was like.

Behold Fairview:


alp candy

It’s a two-ply yarn, with one ply of baby alpaca and one of merino. The marled effect is much subtler than the previous base yarn I was using, and I really like the subtlety of it, which looks terrific whether the yarn is a semisolid or a multicolor.

alp sea green 5

chimney 2

There are about eight or nine skeins in my Art Fire shop right now: you can see them here.

I try really hard to be disciplined about not dipping into my own inventory too much — although it can be very tempting! — but I made an exception for Fairview since it felt so soft and looked so intriguing.


I’m hoping to have a cowl pattern up and running soon…but in the meantime, check out Fairview and if you’re tempted, use the code FAIRVIEW for free shipping. (It’ll work on any order in the shop for the next five days — I’m easy that way.)

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